As a company, we put human life above everything else. We carry out process management with a long – term and holistic perspective, based on sustainable approaches for all components in our value chain such as; employee, customer, partners, society, environment etc.

In our current strategies and projects for all our partners, we positio ourselves against all forms of discrimination; We carry out studies with the aim of respecting ethical values, based on trust, giving priority to equality of opportunity, and ensuring social health, safety, welfare and happiness in the best way possible.

In our relations with our employees and all other partners, we undertake to act in accordance with our policies and ethical values that we have determined in our business, and to effectively implement the following policies:

Forced Labor;

Not to employ involuntary workers in return for debt by force or coercion.

Child Labor;

Not to employ people and children under the age of 18 according to laws and regulations. Family consent is required for interns.


To offer equal opportunities to people in recruitment, working life and leaving the job; not to discriminate in any way on the basis of gender, race, origin, religion, sect, ancestry, age, political opinion, marital status, disability, illness or any value and status. In addition, to carry out its practices such as social assistance, promotion, dismissal and discipline practices in this direction.

Working Hours and Payments;

To implement the working hours by considering the work-life balance as well as basing it on the applicable laws and obligations. Complying on a voluntary basis in overtime practices. Giving competitive wages according to the labor market in the industry, not employing workers below the minimum wage; to pay wages, overtimes and side payments on time in accordance with applicable laws and employment contracts.

Maltreating and Abuse;

Not to impose disciplinary punishments other than the practices specified in the relevant laws and regulations, to respect the dignity and personality of the employees; not to engage in acts that can be considered physical, verbal, psychological pressure, intimidation or sexual harassment.

Freedom of Representation (Association);

In accordance with legal conditions and standards, not to discriminate against our employees because they are members of unions, associations or societies, and to respect the right of our employees to be represented and being able to bargain collectively.

Ethical Business Conduct;
No corruption, fraud, embezzlement or bribery is tolerated in our company.
Occupational Health and Safety;

To eliminate all risks that may threaten the health of workplace employees against occupational diseases, work accidents and injuries, to take preventive measures and to ensure that employees are part of this protective measures; To ensure the continuity of work environments where they can work safely, healthily and efficiently with innovative techniques.


To comply with the current environmental legislation, to take preventive measures against environmental pollution that may occur due to environmentally friendly practices and activities, to work towards reducing
the consumption of natural resources, to raise awareness of the employees about the environment.

Relations with Our Employees;

In our company, no wage deduction sanction is applied to create employee discipline. All of our employees work in accordance with working rules, job descriptions and work instructions.

Supplier Relations;

To fulfill our obligations and further develop relations with our suppliers in accordance with the laws and in a timely manner, to ensure the development of our suppliers as well as our own development process, to create mutual benefits in our relations and to act honestly.To take and evaluate suppliers; social compliance commitments and to adopt a mutual cooperation approach for improvements.

Relations with Stakeholders;

To enable employees to share their satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with any work-related issue using communication tools, to establish a dialogue with the society and stakeholders on workplace-related or work impacted areas when appropriate. To provide timely and effective feedback to the shared posts.

Management system;

Our social compliance activities; To make it sustainable with continuous improvements and regular reviews by our customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, social compliance standards, workplace code of conduct and BSCI principles.

Chairman of the Board

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