Board of Directors

“Success is the difference between the starting point and the destination.”


We are proud of the fact that we have carried on with unshakable tenacity and determination our seccess story that grown and sprouted in 86 years since 1930’s when its first seeds were laid.


Every new success is the miror of the past achievements. We as the Türkün Family have kept our ideal of having quality human resources above all while leaving behind 86-year history of success. We believed that the importance given to the quality of human resource and to the improvement of this resource will be leverage for the future generations. We were aware of the need to do full share of work in order to realize the change in the fastest and smoothest way by embracing the change. We assessed the performance of our emplotees who constitute the source of our organizational efficiency and synergies in fair and consistent way by defining them according to objective and measurable criteria. As a result we developed project to increase their happiness and their sense of belonging to the institutions.


We always perceived our employees as a talent more than just a “source” while the success they achieved by fulfilling their own duties and responsibilities crowned our corporate success. We exactly know that the institutional success is closer to the institutions that never forget the employee on the journey to excellence, walk along with the “people”, take steps, make bold decisions and spend labour, time and resource for the quality of the institutional culture. With our long-standing experience we aimed to have a portfolio of employees that can play effective team games our customers over the quality standarts, that can canalize new ways of doing business results interactively, that can canalize new ways of doing businesses by generating synergy energy. In line with this purpose, we realized a project that we are proud of today and we believe that it will carry us with confidence into the future.




Turkun Academy, which is a reflection of our “Education Always and Everywhere” understanding, will enable our employees to think consciously and creatively and to look into the world more flexible and widely by breaking the moulds in their minds. As Turkun Family we always aimed to be more advanced through the power we acquired from our deep-rooted industrial tradition. In this sense, our future horizons are determined by the work to be done at the TURKUN ACADEMY and by the belief that contributes to our company, employees, our country and even to the world. We intend to pass on our experiences and knowledge to the future generations based on the idea of “The world will change when the people will change”.


We will contribute to the development of our country by continuing our success at the international level while at the same time preserving our place amont the sector oriented companies. We wish to sign projects focusing on the human as we did in tha past, to increase the added value by making our stakeholders and our country happy and to achieve the sustainability of becoming a reliable and leading compant in the sector…

Erol Türkün

Dear Türkün Family;

“Ideals are like stars, it is impossible to hold them but in dark nights they guide us”*

Our ideals were our greatest guide as we progressed steadily on this journey whit an experienced and innovative perspective. During this journey we have built upon our ideal of producing value based on discipline, sincerity and honest by fulfilling our responsibilities towards the country and towards our past full with success.


In the business world success means not only short-term unilateral gains but also the sustainable relationships gained by everyone. This can only achieve by those who focus on the future. They shape the world. They write the history.

Based on this idea, we as the Turkun Family, have focused on the future, by combining this dynamic understanding of production established commonly by our employees and stakeholders with the sustainable growth. We realized all our projects by protecting our dedication to quality and development. Today we are all proud of the success brought by the developed projects.


Throughout the 80 years of experience, we have always kept our enthusiasm, and have taken steps with the principle of reaching the best by always walking on an innovative, pioneering and vreative line along with the basic ideals guiding us.


We continue our way with the 80 years of experience and with the pride of having signed many firsts in the sector. We think that there is still a long way we have to walk and lots of things we have to do with the positive energy we have received from the successes we achieved. While doing all these, we continue the social contribution through the social communities considered to be the greatest bearers of our high ideals and through the Turkun Academy in the field of culture, art, environment and sports.


I truly believe that we will continue to undertake key tasks by taking part in efficiency-focused business processes with our competent and experienced approach for the sustainable growth of Bursa and Turkey.


Nobody in the world applauds brave people sitting in the audience’s chair. Applause is always for those who are on the stage. We continue to produce human focused brand projects by sharing the stage with the right peoople, by working and producing until our last breath to contribute to the country and to our people by applauding each of the good results and encouraging everyone who contributed and by infusing the consciousness of duty to everyone around us.


We wish to meet on a new journey, in a common future with the understandig of a team believes in everything we have made…

Erol Türkün

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