Our Quality Policies

As a company, one of the key elements and most valued part of our journey to reach
perfection is quality.
While this approach forms the basis of our corporate culture, we also adopt total
quality management as a lifestyle.
In our wide product range, we aim to respond to the needs of today and the future in
the fastest way by developing innovative products in line with global customer
expectations and needs.
In order to improve our competitive advantage and create value for all our partners,
we focus on carving out better place for our service quality with continuous
improvement and development activities.
While contributing to a sustainable future with innovative and environmentally friendly
products at international standards, we also continuously improve our quality
management systems at financial and operational aspects.
Our company, which designs, produces, markets and sells high-end upholstery and
drapery fabrics and home textile products, in all fields of activity in line with its
strategic goals;
• To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by clearly understanding customer
expectations and meeting the requirements,
• To maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with all business partners in
• Achieving company goals and objectives with team awareness by providing training
and motivation to employees,
• To increase productivity, to keep the product quality at the highest level and to make
error-free production by incorporating innovative approaches in production, information
technology and the best applicable techniques into business processes,
• To ensure competitiveness at the international level by adopting the principle of
continuous improvement and development in all units,
• While performing our activities, we are committed to meeting all laws and
regulations as well as partner expectations that must be complied within the framework of
the relevant standards.

Chairman of the Board

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