Energy Policy

Our company, which designs, produces, markets and sells high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics and home textile products, in all fields of activity in line with its strategic goals;
– To fully comply with the legal regulations on energy and all the conditions accepted by us as a compliance obligation,

– To continuously improve, develop and make accessible our Energy Management System, which provides access to all kinds of information and data in order to increase our energy management performance,

– Preferring energy efficient products, energy efficient technologies and applications in production and all our processes, and providing services,

– Observing continuous improvement while determining the goals and targets in energy performance and management, periodically reviewing and updating the determined targets and providing the necessary resources,

– Consideration of energy performance improvements in the design and revision of products and production processes,

– Raising the awareness of our employees, suppliers and our entire value chain on resource and energy efficiency,

– We undertake to produce proactive solutions by evaluating risks and opportunities with an energy perspective.

Chairman of the Board

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