Operations regarding Textile sector had been started by Ali Vehbi Türkün in 1932.

Administration of corporations under the name of Türkün Collective Companies was taken over by second generation in 1947, and the jacquard drapery & upholstery production kept going using artificial silk and real silk

The production activities those were performed integrated by Türkün and Beylik families had taken place in Yeşil, Umurbey and Namazgah districts of Bursa

Erol Türkün of third generation, who had completed Textile Engineering in Germany in 1976, returned back to the country and began Textile production by founding “Erol Türkün Textile” company in Duaçınarı district with 8 looms.

This is the only Textile firm that maintains the name of Türkün. By aiming a different production concept and market, Erol Türkün initiates the production of net type drapery, which wasn’t manufactured in our country in those years but predicted to have a good market later.

Erol Türkün bought his first land of 5.500 m2 in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, where current companies appears on.

Through establishment founded on the bought land “Erol Türkün Textile” factory in Duaçınarı had been moved and continued its activities.

Erol Türkün Textile received its first incentive certificate in 1983 and had imported Italian somet weaving machines in the following year. Along with the imported machines, there had been a great demand on both quality and capacity.

“Vanelli Foreign Trade” firm, which has an important role on becoming a world brand, was founded in 1989 and performed its first exportation in early 1990,Germany.

Attended to the biggest home textile fair in world, Heimtextil. Along with the fair, Vanelli, brand began to claim their place in world market through different product groups.

Important investments upon weaving looms are made through achieved exportations. And together with these investments, twister and yarn dyeing machine was brought from Italy and yarn dye production have begun in Erol Türkün Textile Factory in order to correctly reflect the possessed quality understanding in both domestic and foreign market, and to remove the shade disparities in yarns.

Second factory named “Türkün Textile” was founded upon the other bought land of 10.000 m2 in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone in 1991 and began its activities on fabric dye and bare finish.

Upon the other land of 10.000 m2 in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, net curtain weaving “Mega Textile” commenced business with polyester spinning, twisting and 50 weaving looms.

“Türkün Textile” began print production in 1994 through performed printing unit investments whilst maintaining its fabric dye and bare finish activities.

In order to present high quality products those are manufactured in “Mega Textile” to foreign market, “Dina Textile” founded and commenced business in 1995.

Due to high and unexpected interest in Heimtextil 1996 on home textile confection products which are prepared through the vision of Erol Türkün’s wife Tülin Türkün, decision of crossing into home textile confection production was made and “Vanelli Confection” began its activities on subject in the same year.

Türkün Holding Inc. was founded.

All weaving machines in “Erol Türkün Textile” were moved to “Mega Textile”, thus the production continued under a single roof.

To be able to stay with the technology and get better performance we started to use SAP and Porini System

Türkün Holding administration building was established upon the land beside of “Mega Textile”.

– With the new factory building, our production machinery is updated. – We got the price for most innovative Trevira CS product by Trevira CS

New factory building have been established upon our land of 10.000 m2 in Organized Industrial Zone.

To eliminate waste and empowering workers, reduce inventory and improve productivity, we started with Lean Manufacturing. We upgrade our certificate ISO 9001.

Bursa Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB) and Uludağ Textile and Apparel Exports’ awarded VANELLİ with GOLDEN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the Textile Sector and the other is the BRONZE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the Apparel Sector.

2011-12-13 in these years we are nominated with ”GOLD MEMBER” by Trevira CS. we are the only Turkish supplier who has the price for the most innovative and different trevira CS collection.

o be able to give better hand and touch and different effects to the fabric, we invested on the new machinery

To print our production we add digital printing machinery.

Turkun Academy was founded

Turkun Academy was founded

New Management System

RP Digital Transformation

Turquality Brand Program

Deco Center e Commerce Stores

All companies confederate under Vanelli.

With the transition to the new ERP program, new technological moves were made.

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