Our Ethical Values

We believe that the ethical values we have are a guide from which oour business life can benefit; also our performance is believed to be helpful in the uncertainties and gaps we face in the practices both for the employees and for the managers to make their decisions.


Honesty: It is our primary value, the basis in the execution of our relations. We do not demonstrate behavior towards our employees, customers, stakeholders and environment that may harm this value. We find it important to talk and act in the same way. We speak clearly without tricks under any ciecumstances directly and we apply the ethical standarts in the same way in every case.


Responsibility: We make no concessions on individual responsibility and team acting in our work and our behavior and we do not refuse to accept the responsibility for what we do. Everyone knows what to do according to our responsibilities and we act fast. We keeo the interest of our companies in the foreground and we avoid behaving negatively.


Respect: Everyone has respect and trust towards each other. Importance is given to the individual rights and to the rights of the employees. The employees treat each other in the way as they wanted to be treated.


Perfection: In order to achieve the wanted result, we do our work with right, value-creating enthusiasm at the first time. We believe to use the resources we have in the most efficient way to meet the needs of those who have expectations towards us and to produce the best results.

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