Our Environmental Policy

We implement environmental management practices at international standards in order to
carry Türkün Holding's long-standing and strong brand perception to the future in the best
way possible as well as contribute to a sustainable future.
As a company, we are aware of our responsibilities to our world, we give priority to the
effective and efficient use of resources; In order to leave a better world for future generations,
we focus on sustainability in all our activities.
While applying our 'environmentally focused' production approach effectively at every stage
of our production, we produce solutions for low carbon emissions; We always prioritize the
future, not the present.
We aim to contribute to the future of our environment as well as humanity by acting with the
responsibilities of "green" and "environmental" production against the global climate change
that affects all humanity.
In line with the sustainability-focused strategies of our company, which are carried out by
design activities, production, marketing and sales of high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics
and home textile products, we aim to protect the ecosystem for a clean and healthy
environment and transfer it to future generations.
In our Environment Policy;
• By preventing industrial pollution that may occur during our operations, we will minimize
the pollution at its source, we will keep our wastes under control and minimize it, and we will
ensure the most effective way of recycling or disposal for unavoidable wastes,
• We will reduce carbon emissions by keeping natural resource consumption (electricity,
water, raw materials, fuel, etc.) under control and we will turn to natural resources that have
the least impact on the environment,
•To reach our company's purpose/goals with team awareness, we will educate our
employees and stakeholders by carrying out trainings and activities that will increase their
environmental awareness.
• Establishing a sustainable production system by evaluating the environmental impacts
arising from our activities with the principle of continuous improvement in all our operation
• To take measures to minimize the effects of emergencies and accidents on our
employees and the environment that may occur during our activities,
• While performing all our activities, we undertake to comply with all applicable laws and
regulations, taking into account the applicable requirements of local and global
environmental standards.

Chairman of the Board

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