Vanelli are proud to announce receipt of their first Award of 2020 during Heimtextil.

Vanelli are proud to of received the “TREVIRA CS GOLD MEMBER” award at the international fair Heimtextil, which was held in Germany this month and exhibits the leading the new trends and developments within the textile sector.

Presenting their new season’s colours, patterns and trends Vanelli had a successful fair at Heimtextil. Their collections showcasing innovative approaches to fabrics in the sector, Vanelli’s name was frequently mentioned leaving an unforgettable impression.


Trevira CS Gold Member Award goes to Vanelli!

One of Trevira’s number one Gold Member producers, Vanelli attracted great attention with its new collection and concept design fabrics as well as receiving an award for their innovative and technological products focused on the future.


An ecological point of view…

In addition to producing stylish and inspiring fabrics for home and contract textiles, Vanelli launched their new products with  a “recycled” content at the Heimtextil fair. The brand presented an environmentalist approach to its consumers with the motto “Think Green, Live Green” with its products supported by a large research and development team.

The brand, presenting an innovative approach, not only produces recycled products but also embraces this in their brand culture and continues working towards helping to create a better sustainable future.

In this regard, Erol Türkün, the founder of Türkün Holding, to which the brand is affiliated, said: “We are actually in a fight… We are fighting for rivers, for trees, for animals, for humanity and for a better life. The more awareness we can create with our products, the more our customers can support this sustainable approach to the benefit of everyone. For this reason, we will see more recycled products in our brand Vanelli in 2020. Therefore, Heimtextil was an important exhibition area for us this year. We had the opportunity to show our customers more closely our sincere approach to the environment and how we work with it in our daily systems. Additionally, I would like to thank on behalf of my brand team and myself for the Trevira CS Gold Member Award. This kind of happiness motivates us more and this happiness reflects positively on our work.”

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