Golden Exporter Award to Dina Vanelli

Dina Vanelli that is within the structure of  Türkün Holding, was awarded “Golden Exporter” award at the 2017 Annual Silk Bug Exporter Award Ceremony organized by Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association (UTİB) and Uludağ Ready-to-Wear and Garment Exporters Association (UHKİB).

At the awards ceremony held at Bursa Hilton Hotel, Türkün Holding Board Member Aslı Türkün Karaçor received ‘Golden Exporter’ award on behalf of Dina Vanelli.

Türkün Holding Board Member Aslı Türkün Karaçor, making statements regarding the award ceremony realized with the participation sector representatives, has emphasized that they, as Dina Vanelli, always focus on better and further and has said that, “We have aimed to add value to our Bursa and Turkey by combining our experience and knowledge we have gained through long ages with creativity, self-confidence brought by a positive and harmonious work environment.”

“We export the 75% of our production”

Noting that Turkey has entered an export-led growth trend again in 2017, Aslı Türkün Karaçor has stated the following:

“Our bursa is rapidly progressing to become a brand-new city in this field with its potential exceeding 14 billion dollars in exports. Our Bursa is a city that has a foreign trade volume of 24 billion dollars and that exports more than 122 countries connected to the United Nations when it is considered together with an import rate of nearly 10 billion dollars. When we evaluate from the textile sector perspective, we see that the share we take from world textile exports is 3 percent and the share we take from home textiles is 4.5 percent. These numbers give us hope in terms of sectoral development and growth. As Dina Vanelli, we are bringing our products which are works of our creative perspective to our customers in domestic and foreign, particularly European markets. By exporting 75% of our production, we provide contribute to Bursa and Turkey’s economy.  Our products find buyers for prices 3-4 times more than the other Turkish companies in the sector. We are the primary supplier of the most important editorial companies in the world, especially in upholstery and drapery appealing to the upper income group. We are one of the first 5 consumers which are number 1 in Turkey and Gold Member in the world of the yarn manufacturer Trevira that is a world brand in fireproof fabrics used especially in hotels and offices. ”

“We want to increase our export in 2018”

Informing on the 2018 targets of Dina Vanelli, Aslı Türkün Karaçor has said that; “We attended the Heimtextil – Frankfurt fair in January. We aim to reach a wider customer mass by attending the fairs such as PROPOSTE, EVTEKS, SHANGAI-INTERTEXTILE and HEIMTEXTILE RUSSIA. We also want to increase our share in the market and exports in 2018. With the innovation we are going to make and our renewing investments, we will continue our work to produce added value not only to Bursa’s economy but also to Turkey’s economy.

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