Energy Policy

Our company, which designs, produces, markets and sells high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics and home textile products, in all fields of activity in line with its strategic goals; – To fully comply with the legal regulations on energy and all the conditions accepted by us as a compliance obligation, – To continuously improve, develop and make… Continue reading Energy Policy


As a company, we put human life above everything else. We carry out process management with a long – term and holistic perspective, based on sustainable approaches for all components in our value chain such as; employee, customer, partners, society, environment etc. In our current strategies and projects for all our partners, we positio ourselves against all… Continue reading SOCIAL COMPLIANCE POLICY

Our Ethical Values

We believe that the ethical values we have are a guide from which oour business life can benefit; also our performance is believed to be helpful in the uncertainties and gaps we face in the practices both for the employees and for the managers to make their decisions.   Honesty: It is our primary value, the… Continue reading Our Ethical Values

Our Environmental Policy

We implement environmental management practices at international standards in order to carry Türkün Holding’s long-standing and strong brand perception to the future in the best way possible as well as contribute to a sustainable future. As a company, we are aware of our responsibilities to our world, we give priority to the effective and efficient… Continue reading Our Environmental Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The priority of our company, which carries out the design activities, production, marketing and sales of high-end upholstery and drapery fabrics and home textile products, is always human. Occupational health and safety is an important part of our corporate culture. With the awareness that occupational safety is a value given to human life, we take… Continue reading Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

Türkün holding aims to establish system, to ensure continuity and to builds up a human resource that can be used in the direction of its goals and values and that can be a place where the employees can work effectively, dynamically, have values and bliece in team work and feel happy and secure.   Our… Continue reading Our Human Resources Policy

Our Quality Policies

As a company, one of the key elements and most valued part of our journey to reach perfection is quality. While this approach forms the basis of our corporate culture, we also adopt total quality management as a lifestyle. In our wide product range, we aim to respond to the needs of today and the… Continue reading Our Quality Policies

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